Global Game Jam: Sleepwalking Backwards

At the Global Game Jam this past weekend, I was part of a team that created a Commodore 64 game called “Sleepwalking Backwards.” It’s a short narrative experience, written and designed by Jonathon Myers. Go play the game here!

Why a C64 game?

The C64 is the first computer I had as a kid, and the machine I learned to program on. The programs I would write would be simple things written in BASIC. They might ask you questions and give simple responses, or draw some ASCII art on the screen. Most of them would involve rapidly flashing the colored border around the screen, because it was an easy and fun effect. I remember filling several floppy disks with these little experiments.

Early last year my interest got rekindled in the old machine, and I started playing around with programming for it again. I remembered several things that I wasn’t able to figure out as a kid — machine language, bitmap graphics, sound — and thought it would be cool to go back …

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A Look Inside Slam Bolt Scrappers – Friday Games @ GAMBIT

Starting at 4PM today, one of our superstar programmers and GAMBIT alum, Sharat, will lead the folks at GAMBIT through the journey that was the development of Slam Bolt Scrappers. As you may know, SBS has gone through a number of iterations, and Sharat will be showing off those early prototypes while discussing the different elements we changed between each and why we decided to change them. The original post can be found here:

GAMBIT holds a special place in the hearts of everyone here at Fire Hose Games, so we’re very excited that they’ve invited us to come talk about Slam Bolt Scrappers today for this week’s session of Friday Games at GAMBIT! Friday Games is a particularly interesting series at GAMBIT where each Friday they take an analytical approach to looking at games and games issues from the past, present… and FUTURE. Recent sessions covered the history of Tetris, the censoring of sex in games, and, of course, the history of Michael Jordan in video games, starting with 1993’s NBA Showdown. A …

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Slam Bolt Scrappers coming to PAX East!

Hey Scrappers, have we got some cool news for you: We’re bringing Slam Bolt Scrappers to PAX East! Now that the conference is once again on our home turf (we originally appeared in the indie showcase last year, so it’s very cool to come full circle and have our own booth), the Fire Hose team will be out in full force telling people all about SBS at our fully customized and super awesome booth, #1133.  So be sure to stop by, say hello, and check out all the never-before-seen gameplay we’ve put in since you last saw the game.  I’ll also be doing personal walkthroughs, so if you really like my walkthrough video, get your requests in now and I’ll walk you through anything and everything about SBS.  Just like the video.  But in person.  SWEET, right?  We’ve got a few other surprises in store for you, so stay tuned for more info as PAX approaches.

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