A Look Inside Slam Bolt Scrappers – Friday Games @ GAMBIT

Starting at 4PM today, one of our superstar programmers and GAMBIT alum, Sharat, will lead the folks at GAMBIT through the journey that was the development of Slam Bolt Scrappers. As you may know, SBS has gone through a number of iterations, and Sharat will be showing off those early prototypes while discussing the different elements we changed between each and why we decided to change them. The original post can be found here: http://gambit.mit.edu/updates/2011/04/friday_games_gambit_040811_-_a.php.

GAMBIT holds a special place in the hearts of everyone here at Fire Hose Games, so we’re very excited that they’ve invited us to come talk about Slam Bolt Scrappers today for this week’s session of Friday Games at GAMBIT! Friday Games is a particularly interesting series at GAMBIT where each Friday they take an analytical approach to looking at games and games issues from the past, present… and FUTURE. Recent sessions covered the history of Tetris, the censoring of sex in games, and, of course, the history of Michael Jordan in video games, starting with 1993’s NBA Showdown. A …

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Food for Thought

Last night I attended the 7th annual Hamentashen vs Latke Debate, in which world-renowned MIT professors in various fields of study discuss the socio-economic, scientific, historical and philosophical implications of triangular and circular foods. As the artist and sole non-MIT graduate here at Fire Hose, I am regularly amazed at the sense of play that pervades this dev team and the school from which they graduated.

A Biology prof offered a defense of Latkes (potato pancakes fried in oil) that transected the history of Tuberculosis immunology, recent Boston activity by the Center for Disease Control, and pre-WWII immigration. A mathematics professor on the side of Hamentashen (triangular cookies) explained with Photoshop and geometric trickery a solution to world hunger through the careful management of the sex lives of pastry. The entire event caused me to wonder what kind of video game could possibly bring to bear the intellectual passions of such diverse people. What games have been created with the creative flexibility to allow anyone, from any field of interest, to bring the best of themselves into the equation of …

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