Mega Man 9 is freaking hard

I spent a *lot* of time playing Mega Man 9 this weekend. More time than I probably should have. When did the game get so difficult? Every level is flush with spikes, pits, enemies that knock you into holes, and mini-bosses more difficult to kill than James Bond. After chugging through the whole thing for hours I finally know the boss order, but even that doesn’t help as the weapons have been seriously nerfed (remember killing Air Man in one go with the wood sheild? Or Shadow Man in 2 seconds with the top spin?). And just to double check, I played through Mega Man 2 + 3 to make sure that the game was in fact harder and that I wasn’t just suffering from Old Man Syndrome (it is, I’m not).

AND YET, despite all this, I don’t know if I’ve had more fun playing a video game for some time now. I don’t know what it is about Capcom, they keep making these impossible games that for nostalgia or whatever reason I can’t put down. …

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