The Fett Effect: Combat Evolved

So, Halo: Reach beta – I really enjoyed it. Yeah, I said it. After almost 10 years of evolved combat, the newest iteration of Halo still has enough gusto to grab my attention. But why is that? Two words: Jet Packs.

When Halo ODST came along, it seemed thoroughly mediocre. The inspiration behind the game seemed like a solid foundation. I liked the jazz score, the dark lighting, the general ambiance, the Firefly cameos, but the excitement was missing. So, when I booted up the Reach Beta, I was doing it out of a sense of obligation (sort of like how I need to watch the Lost finale, but I don’t want to). And to my surprise, there were jet packs!

Flying really changes (evolves?) the game’s combat to the point where everything feels fresh and new again. As with each new release, there are new weapons too, but they aren’t the game changers that will bring in new fans while exciting the old. Flying is.

More importantly, the Halo series has added a new mechanic to the tired …

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