Fire Hose is Hiring!!

Fire Hose is now hiring!

There’s been a lot of news lately about 38 Studios, and sadly it has been announced today that they’re shuttering the studio. We’re very sorry to hear this, and we hope that all the developers who were at the studio bounce back quickly.

Along those lines, we’re hiring! If you are looking for a game development gig in Boston now is a great time to apply. In general we’re happy to look at all candidates. Here are some specific roles we’re interested in:

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Job opening: Senior Artist

As you can probably tell from the title of this post, we’re looking for a damn good artist to join us here at Fire Hose. We’d like to get someone with a good amount of prior game development experience, but what we’re really concerned with is talent. If you can make art that is beautiful, sexy, and perhaps beautifully sexy we’d like to talk to you. Check out our jobs opening page for more details.

All the artist who submitted resumes + portfolios in response to the Craigslist entry: I’m getting through all of your submissions now, and will respond to each of you soon. Thanks for your patience!

photo (c) Adam Parrish 2008

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