GGJ 2010: Post Mortem-ing a Weekend

Global Game Jam 2010 Post #3: The weekend is over and our game is playable (!). You can find it here: We recommend the web/flash version (may ask you to download/install the small Unity/flash player). If you are stuck in any way, please email me:

What Went Awesome: * Treating Each Other Well: listening to each other’s ideas, encouraging each other to take water and brain breaks, keeping good humor, appreciating each other’s contributions. * Making Good Decisions as a team at regular intervals on what features to keep and what to toss in order to get the project done: late Saturday afternoon, late Saturday night and first thing Sunday morning. * Planning Our Work Flow: in our design doc we structured the weekend into 3-hour block “sprints.” This helped to guide our productivity and made a good balance between being able to dive deeply into our work and regularly checking-in with each other. We also got each other’s contact info right at the start, chose a safe source system, and established an “it is OK …

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