I think standing by this fence makes me look introspective.

Compy, and the rest of the Fire Hose crew, is back from PAX!

Have you met Compy yet? If not you probably should!

Compy is one of several dastardly dinosaurs coming after your BBQ from our game Go Home Dinosaurs! Compy has been making the rounds, boasting his own flickr account, posting on our twitter account, and most recently infiltrating PAX East.

Several PAX goers took a Compy home with them after the show and they have been posting pics of Compy’s new adventures.

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The Fire Hose Store is Open for Business!

Behold the official Slam Bolt Scrappers shirt design! Please note that it is the best shirt of all shirts.


Our artist, Jacques, drew up this awesome design (known as “The Hypercube”), and we turned it into a shirt that everyone on the Fire Hose team could wear for PAX East. We’ve been getting a lot of questions about them, like, “THIS SHIRT IS THE BEST SHIRT OF ALL SHIRTS, how can I get one?”

Well today is your lucky day! Our new store is open so you can buy this awesome shirt now for $14.99. COME TO THE STORE. BUY A SHIRT. Fire Hose out.

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PAX EAST 2011: Day 2 at Booth 1133

The scrapping continues during day 2 of PAX East! Things are even crazier than yesterday – lots of cosplayers have come out after scouting the expo hall yesterday, so everyone’s having a lot of fun. Not to mention SBS is drawing some HUGE crowds. We’re all thrilled with how things are going. So, if you’re at PAX East, definitely stop by our booth, 1133, to play some Slam Bolt Scrappers before it comes out on Tuesday.

I’ll be posting all of our pictures on our Fan Page, so stop by there for the complete Fire Hose PAX journey. And don’t forget to follow us on Twitter (@FireHoseGames) for up to the minute news about our crazy awesome fun expo time.

And now, some pictures:

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