Awards and Nominations

Slam Bolt Scrappers nominated Game of the Show at PAX Prime 2010 by Destructoid Slam Bolt Scrappers Best Overall Experience at PAX Prime 2010 by DIY Gamer
Nominee for Best Gameplay Mechanic at E3! Slam Bolt Scrappers Best Future Prospect at PAX Prime 2010 by DIY Gamer

What the Press is Saying

Slam Bolt Scrappers was my personal favorite game at PAX Prime. So much so, that I found myself continuously pushing it on my coworkers, and in some cases, dragging them back to the booth with me. They loved it, too.”
Jordan Devore, Destructoid

“The game seems to effortlessly combine an amazing puzzle concept with a fighting premise to give what will arguably be one of the most addictive PSN titles ever.”
Geoff Gibson, DIY Gamer

“I was overjoyed to see that since last I saw them, Fire Hose Games had inked a deal with Sony to bring the clever melange of Slam Bolt Scrappers to the PSN early next year.”
Tycho, Penny Arcade

“It’s the PS3’s first legitimate answer to Smash Brothers and, hot damn, is it good!”
Eric G, PSN Stores

“Fire Hose Games’ debut puzzle brawler is soaked in awesome
Nathan Meunier, GameSpy

“SBS packed all its unassuming charm into a fast and furious battle”
Cathlin Sentz, ZTGD

The fun quotient is through the roof!
Aram Lecis, Total PlayStation

I recommend you pick it up.
Stephen Johnson, G4TV

“Our Favorite PAX East Game Will Be Exclusive To PS3″
Stephen Totilo, Kotaku

“Slam Bolt Scrappers is looking really good… its gameplay is something you won’t soon forget”
Alexander Sliwinski, Joystiq

“It could fill the great big Power Stone-sized hole Dreamcast fans like myself have been complaining about”
Matthew Lee, Beef Jack

“Consider this your official notice. This one’s going places
Steven DeVito, CouchAthletics

One of the best PSN games on the show floor”
Josh Fernandes, PlayStationLifeStyle

A really great multiplayer experience
Tom Goldman, The Escapist

“For PAX East 2010 the game that caught my attention was Slam Blot Scrappers”
Eric Galaviz, Spawn Kill

My easy pick for Game of the Show at PAX East this year.”
Robert Schuster, Colony of Gamers

An absolute joy to play, frantic and chaotic yet incredibly engrossing.”
Jeremy Bybel, theNOnews

“This is the game to keep an eye out for.  I personally can’t wait.”
Bryan Mastis, Sit Sam!

One of the most original and exciting games – indie or not – at PAX East.”
Sean Kelley, Thunderbolt

This little, local indie game out of Boston was actually the talk of [PAX East]. It’s just flat out tons of fun.”
Andrew Green, Cheat Code Central

“I was reluctant to give up the controller once my team totally kicked the other’s rear.”
Meghan Watt, Gameshark

What the Fans are Saying

“1st post! This game got great response at E3 from anyone who tried it, keep an eye on this one!” – d0nkarnage

“Beverage mode? This is the single greatest game devised by mankind since the beginning of mankind being able to make games.” – FlamingWafflez

“This is what happens when you brainstorm with madlibs. And its awesome.” – Octasquid is now Closed

“This game looks sick, the graphics look really nice as well.” – Karl Marx

“I couldn’t stop playing the thing … is anyone else going to spend weeks playing it when it finally gets released?” – badg3rmilk

“Looking forward to the full release as I’m 100% sure my wife will LOVE it.” – GhoooSTS

“Honestly, I could have played the shit out of this game all goddamn day… Slam Bolt Scrappers looks great, controls beautifully, and is rapturously fun; put simply I cannot wait until I can snag it for myself.” – agracru

“Something tells me this title will outperform Slam Bolt Scrapbookers.” – mindsale

“Slam Bolt Scrappers and Monday Night Combat were my must-haves from the con. Effing awesome.” – capnjack

“This was almost certainly my favorite game at the show – not just indie game, just game, period. I had ridiculous amounts of fun each time I played it … At one point, I told [Eitan] how good his fries smelled, and he offered some to me. That was amazing.” – kicking222

“I played this at PAX about 5 times, and it was always fun” – SmallKiwi

“This was probably my favorite indie game at PAX” – nukednova

“Does it help reduce stress from traumatic events?” – 8thR

“Yeah, this game was awesome … it’s just a really fun, really clever game.” – Outrider

“I played this on Saturday, and it was definitely my favorite of the Boston indie games.” – StacMaster-S

“Easily one of the most enjoyable games of the show for me.” – Ink Asylum

“Refreshing is the best word I can use for this game. It feels so different and unique.” – Klunka

What the Robots are Saying

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